About Us

The company "ALEXANDRA UNDERWEAR" has been operating for 35 years in the city center of Kos, on the island of Kos, with a physical store at 10 Ippokratous Street.

Having many years of experience in the field of clothing and underwear, we have created a healthy and reliable company in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies with local and foreign consumers.

Responding to the needs of the times, we have also decided to promote it throughout Greece and Europe, via our online store www.alexandraunderwear.com

A huge variety of products and dozens of codes are there, so that you will find what you are looking for: Men's and women's underwear, isotherms, tops. Socks, tights, bodysuits, sweatshirts, pants, men's and women's pajamas, leggings, women's overalls, and much more are waiting to meet all your needs.

Our main slogan is: "COMFORT IN - OUT"


Our Company info:  

Tax ID: 034594162
Address:  Hippocrates 10, KOS
ZIP Code: 85300
Tax Authority: KOS